Location, location, location !

We are located on the beautiful St. Joseph Island at the Waterfront Centre in the Village of Hilton Beach.  Island Scoop is situated  on the Mariner's Plaza facing the Marina, where you can also find services like the Public Laundry and the Mariner's Lounge and Library.

     Get the "Scoop" of the Island...

Island Scoop Ice Cream Shop & Gift Store,   promotes Local !

We offer the Best Premium Ice Cream, 

frozen Treats and locally prepared frozen Entrees.

Our famous Island Maple Syrup

and Puddingstone crafts .

Souvenirs, gifts, jewelry, stationary, photography, DIY kits, books and crafts.

Alpaca wear, knitted and sewn fashion;

Woodturning , woodcarving,  pottery, Puddingstone, decor items.

Stones, Crystals, Quartz, Amethyst and Jade items.  Canadian Incense, smudging Buffalo sage, Abalone Shells,  Himalayan lamps and bath salts and Himalayan table salt. Goat's Milk Soaps, Bee's Wax candles and more...

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